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Click Intensity has generated much hype throughout the internet for the past few weeks. There have been many posts and shares about Click Intensity throughout the whole world of social media. Almost everyone is inviting everybody else to join in this wonderful earning opportunity. Even before the launch of Click Intensity, there were numerous people who were already waiting for this earning platform. Because of all the hype online from different people regarding this platform, I decided to try it out for myself. I wanted to find out if it will deliver its promises of financial success.

What is Click Intensity?

I read various articles regarding Click Intensity. I also read their company description from their website along with reviews from other users. From my research, the company is a site representation platform. They offer placements for run-of-networks that are specific to the sites and also have wide channels. The platform’s network is said to be serving a whopping 2 billion impressions every month. The company also claims that they are able to reach and connect to over 17 million unique people all over the world every single month. I suspected this statement to be overly exaggerated, but I still kept on. They also guarantee that they only form partnerships with the best web publishers in order to provide effective ad placement for advertisers. In simple terms, the company is just another online advertising business. What’s different is that their goals are somewhat bigger and bolder. This is an obvious red flag, if you ask me.

Who can participate in this opportunity?

Apparently, Click Intensity targets those people who want to make easy money through online means. All it requires for you is to have a working computer with a stable internet connection. In doesn’t matter what your location is. As long as you have these things, you can join in the opportunity. Business owners who would like to advertise their products and services can also join this platform. Their businesses are the lifeline of the company because Click Intensity is an advertising company.    

How will you earn money?

The company’s compensation plan uses a mix of Paid to Click (PTC), Affiliate Marketing, Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and revenue marketing. PTCs are common throughout the internet and most of these so-called opportunities are nothing but scams that take advantage of people. These scams target vulnerable people and trick them to spend money with their bogus success schemes. Affiliate marketing is a marketing partnership between two or more businesses in order to leverage each other. This is commonly seen as ads on popular pages and the promotion of various products specifically. MLM is used by most network marketing companies and most of these companies are also scams that promise big rewards as long as you recruit more members into the company.


Among this mix, PTC and MLM are mostly scams. Although there are some legitimate entities that work on PTC and MLM strategies, it takes more than an experienced eye to set the real ones apart from the majority that are frauds. These are common methods of scamming and one needs to be careful about them.


Earning methods

Click Intensity apparently pushes you to pay for your earning opportunity, which is a matter of concern. Paying before even earning a promised greater reward is a common scheme of scammers. But the platform also has earning opportunities without pre-payment. These methods pay way less than the paid opportunity. This way, you will be compelled to spend on their products.

1. Simple Task Completion

Users must complete tasks for monetary rewards. Generally, you will earn an equivalent compensation from doing some simple tasks, such as clicking on advertisements and sharing online content through various social media platforms. As these are simple, the pay is also simple and menial. The tasks provide only 2 or 5 pennies per completion. To increase your earning potential, you have to do as many tasks as possible right? Yes, unless the number of tasks available for you is only limited. You will have to pay money for increasing your daily task limit in order to earn more. This is pretty counter-productive and only pushes you more into spending rather than actual earning.

2. Profit Sharing

Profit shares let you earn an additional percentage of what you are earning. This can go up to 120%. In order for you to acquire shares of the company, you will have to buy them. Silver coin packs get you 1 share of the company. The price per silver coin pack is $25. If you choose to buy 1 silver coin pack, which costs $25, you will be able to earn an additional $5. What happens when you reach the total of $30? Guess what, you will have to buy another silver coin pack. The idea is that the more packs you purchase, the more earnings you will be able to acquire. But what really happens is that you will only increase your spending in order to increase the potential earnings. You will still be left with minimal profits. What’s more is that if the company cannot reach the revenue target for the day, you will not be able to receive your profit share. This is a total let-down when you purchase a silver coin pack for the day.

3. Member Referral

When another person joins Click Intensity through your personal affiliate links, that person will become your personal referred member. This triggers some benefits for you. If your personal referred member makes a purchase of one silver coin pack, which is worth $25, you will receive a referral commission of up to 10%, which is $2.50. You will earn corresponding commissions on every purchase that your referrals would make. But only paid members are able to enjoy the 10% commission rate. The normal rate of 5% applies to non-paying members. This set-up also serves as an additional push for you to pay for the company’s products. More referrals mean more commissions. It is up to you how you will increase your referrals. You can use social media or particular promotions from your personal website. But you will have to pay to maximize your earning potential, which is also something that actually decreases your profits.

4. MLM Income

This earning method is exclusively available for paid members only. If you want to earn using this method, you need to spend at least $25 on the products offered by the company. The earning method is comprised of seven levels. This does not necessarily include only your direct referrals to start your earning chain. As you purchase more silver coin packs, you will be able to access higher level commissions. For the minimum spending, you are only entitled to the first level. So, in short, the more levels you access, the higher the commission rates you will enjoy, right? You will get the maximum commission rates from this method if you are entitled to all seven levels. And how much do you need to spend in order to achieve them? You just have to buy 4000 coin packs, which would cost $100,000. I think you must be crazy if you ever think of investing this amount of money on this platform. Better yet, you could open a number of businesses with this amount without working at all!

5. Back End Commissions

This feature is unique to Click Intensity. You will be able to earn more if one of the members within your earning chain purchases premium products, such as pop-up advertising or individual adds. This is supposed to create a snowballing effect on your earning potential. Still, you will have to spend tons of cash in order for you to start noticeable profits, if there will be any profits. There are no guarantees no matter how much you spend.


Recommended Alternative

Upon careful research for better earning alternatives, I have finally found a significantly better platform than Click Intensity, which is 3 Week Income. This system was founded by Steven Smith, a business expert. The whole system looks and feels great. Also, it converts your efforts into real profits really well. This opportunity is slowly making waves from all parts of the globe because of the amount of value you will enjoy for your honest efforts. Results are also guaranteed because you will be trained by the best coaches.


Click Intensity’s motive on allowing people to earn cash from the comfort of their homes is misplaced in their obvious profit-making strategies and schemes. If you stay as a non-paying member of this platform, you will only earn miniscule amounts regardless of your genuine effort. You will have to pay more and more so that you are able to receive a near-decent amount. But what about those people who only have the bare minimum for their spending? How will they be able to have a chance on financial success? These are a matter of concern.


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