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Nowadays, the toughest parts of being an editor or journalist are to publish significant content on the web daily. As a content writer, it is difficult to correct stuff, and it also takes time in analyzing what is right or wrong. If you are looking for a platform that helps you to create, manage, and edit content from various locations and publish the content on several platforms then you need to read my review on Camayak as it also saves hours per week by managing your content production, Camayak allows you to create a virtual newsroom. It connects you to a wide range of editors and writers around the world.

What is Camayak?

Camayak is a platform that was developed to manage virtual newsroom tasks. It helps you edit the content before publishing it without any effort. This service will make staff produce good content. This platform will make it simpler for content teams all around the world to combine the efforts progressively. This platform helps clients in joining new contributors, increase production, and receive editorial budgets. This platform will improve your production process and satisfy your readers.

It gives you a legitimate newsroom experience with consistent pitching, assigning, collaborating, editing, tracking, and publishing capability. You don’t have to waste your time. It helps you sit down cool and start using the tools productively without any training.

How Does the Camayak Work?

In this inference, Camayak talks about college newsrooms, publishers and creative agencies using WordPress:

  • Organize your newsroom: Camayak has helped hundreds of editorial teams escape chaotic processes and improve content results.
  • Focus on your content quality: This service will handle admin tasks so that employees can target on creating great content.
  • Outsource editorial requirements: Camayak works with freelancers and in-house editorial experts to make amazing content for publishers.
  • Keep track of all your discussions in one place: This service provides tools to editorial decisions to protect or shield your content.

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What Are The Features Of Camayak?

Here are some of the valuable features of Camayak:

  • Coordinate media and photographers: This platform makes you work with your media staff.
  • Comment inside the copy: This platform will automatically stripe away the in-line comments.
  • Anyone pitch an idea: Camayak helps you access ideas for sponsors, stakeholders, and writers.
  • Work with more contributors: This platform works with individual groups so that you can invite editors to mail lists.
  • Publish directly to multiple platforms: It will make your staff publish WordPress with the help of Camayak.
  • Stay in the loop with email notifications: You will get comment notifications and new assignments through the links.
  • Create an editorial hierarchy: This platform helps you control staffing and content.


  • Camayak enhances the team’s approval process before publishing the content.
  • It is useful for both staff contributors as well as managing freelance.
  • You can reuse your newsroom structure and delegate responsibilities.
  • It helps you process your content flow.
  • This platform is available at a reasonable price.
  • It is user-friendly and highly reliable.


  • Camayak has no offline availability.
  • This platform will not change the design of the content. 

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I endorse Camayak so that journalists and editors can use it to improve their workflow. This workflow tool is for all the content teams to help them achieve the range of cohesion and engagement found in the professional newsroom. The staff will easily be able to file their work, track the progress, handle deadlines, and publish their destinations. It offers you a 14-day free trial.

This platform helps busy newsroom in fulfilling their expectations of the staff, freelancers as well as contributors pitching speculative ideas to the editors.

I hope you will easily be able to scale and get long-term benefits. 

camayak review

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