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Bluum Box Reviews

Giving birth to a child is like giving birth to a new responsibility which has to be taken care of with great efforts. As they say, a toddler is like wet clay and takes the shape you give it. Hence, taking care of a baby from the minute its born is of utmost importance. So, here bluum box comes to your rescue and is ready to cater all your needs. It offers you monthly subscriptions. Read on my inference to find out more about this bluum box which is full of surprises for you as well as your little munchkin.

About the manufacturers:

The manufacturers of this product have kept in mind various factors like the relevancy, age as well as the needs of your child and delivers a packet of surprise every month right at your doorstep. It was found in the early summer of 2011. Initially, it used to send trial products to mums as well as their children to get their feedback and work to improve and provide better services to its customers. Then in 2013, it had a big makeover, and now it started selling full-size products which were hand-picked and were for children of different age, gender, and developmental stage. It has an expert team of M.O.M.’s (managers of merchandising) who help in creating more realistic, useful and practical products or goodies for the kids.

Specifications and features:

The people from bluum box work with more than three hundred and fifty brands and has over one thousand products included in their surprise boxes. The manufacturers try to make each bluum box individual, and therefore they pack each of the surprise boxes in their fulfillment center in Connecticut. The creators of this product try to make the best they can, and their mission is to help the new parents as well as their children in making the early stages of their life fun as well as fill it with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm. They do not reveal about the elements included in the box created by them, but they want it to be a surprise with layers as well as expect both the child and the mum to discover it eventually.

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The benefits of using a bluum box:

  • They send you products which have received the best reviews on Amazon.
  • It has been featured in TIME, Pregnancy & Newborn,, DailyCandy Kids, and Mom Trends.
  • They have pre-k and pre-school surprise boxes too.
  • They have a good customer support team who answers all your queries or requests within 48 hours of sending an email to them.
  • They also offer reasonable prices or commission for the affiliation programs.
  • They also have subscriptions for the corporate level people, and that is, you can give or gift an expectant mom with a membership of bluum box which is going to take care of all the needs of the baby from day 1 to the child’s completion of 12 months.
  • They also offer bulk discounts and keeps in mind the specific needs of your company.
  • All your payment details are secured with the SSL encryption system.


This product is a lot better than all the other products of the same league, and that is because it sends you a pack of surprise every month and this surprise bluum box is enough to get that million dollar smile on your child’s face. World known baby brands like Disney Baby, B Kids, Happy Family and Melissa & Doug have been working with the bluum box as it helped them in generating a lot of positive ROI. You can return a box if you do not like it. But the preferred option is to order a new customized box till the supplies of the previous pack last.

Customer reviews and rating:
This product has an average of a 4-star rating. It has received positive reviews from people who have used it including me; hence, wanted to share my inference. The only essential criteria are the need for an internet connection to help you subscribe a bluum box for you and your child along with a subscription plan of your choice. 

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I would highly recommend the new mums to try a blue box and surprise their kids. Do not wait, just invest a little to see that million dollar smile on the face of your munchkin.

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