Astoria VR Headset Review

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Our smartphone is the most powerful phones in the past decade. Right now, with the new advancement in the processing power in your smartphone, you can quickly experience the virtual reality at the reasonable cost. If you are want to experience virtual reality with this Astoria VR. Here is the product that covers the secret to virtual reality on your smartphone. Astoria VR is the VR Headset that delivers the mind-blowing experience of 3d virtual reality. This product is so great to handle and easy to use. Nothing seems like flimsy or loose, and it provides you the good solid feel when one holds it and also places it on the head. You can say no to paying hundreds of dollars for gimmicky, or complex products.

What is the Astoria VR?

Astoria VR is the best 3D technology VR Headset that was totally zoning into your screen. You never have to activate anything on the device. Here you can enjoy more features and benefits from this VR Headset. It includes programs which allow you to use Virtual reality such as Bubblecars, Dive Wings, Dive City Rollercoaster, Dive Launcher, Dive Unity Demo, The Height, Divestreetview, Go Show Free, Hand Gliding, Hoverboard Dive, Jet Sprint Demo, and Shadowgun VR.

By purchasing this product, you can run the virtual reality apps, games, and also videos on your phone. Then, slide the phone into this Astoria VR and also enjoy the virtual reality experience. You can use this VR Headset to view everything from the tours of national parks, sporting events, Mars, outer space, tv shows, thrilling games, movies and also youtube videos. You can view 360° part experience of the action. This product is highly compatible with all the iPhones, HTC phones, and Samsung.

How Does Astoria VR Works?

Astoria VR uses the processing power of your phone to bring you the 3D virtual reality experience. So that you go beyond the walls of your living room within few minutes. It requires only three steps to use this VR Headset.

  • Step 1: Choose Your Favorite VR App: The first thing is that you need to choose your favorite VR Apps.
  • Step 2: Place Your Phone In Your Astoria VR Headset: Then, now you can place your phone in your Astoria VR Headset.
  • Step 3: Enjoy: Finally, you will enjoy amazing view experience with this VR Headset.

What Are The Specifications & Features Of Astoria VR?

  • Focal adjuster knob: The Focal adjuster knob has the 20mm focal length of the adjustment range.
  • Front Plate: The magnetic front plate for the augmented reality capabilities.
  • Lens: Astoria VR has eight layers nano-coating lens to get the high definition resolution.
  • Headband: This product is straightforward and comfortable to wear the high tensile strength head support.
  • Foam Cushion: This product has the ergonomic design with the top quality leather foam cushion for convenience.
  • Side knob: This product has the rotating distance adjustment knob.


  • Astoria VR is the most affordable VR Headset in the market.
  • This product is so simple and easy to use.
  • This product will easily fit in every smartphone. That means it is compatible with the screens 4.7 to 6.
  • This product will help you to experience HD view. You can see like 3D 1080p viewing experience.
  • It does not have any particular setup or no additional computers needed.
  • This product does not include any complicated programming.


  • Astoria VR is available for Online purchase only. It is Not sold at Offline. That means you will not be able to buy this VR Headset at any shop.
  • This product offers available for limited period.



Astoria VR is more comfortable, adjustable, and the VR effect. This VR Headset will improve the experience, and also enables continuous usage for the longer periods. This product is the fantastic choice if you need the basic entry-level experience of the virtual reality, and also amongst the headsets. This product offers you money back guarantee. Whether you are dissatisfied with your purchase from Astoria VR, you may quickly return it for the complete refund. So grab this opportunity to enjoy your virtual reality experience truly.

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