America 2020 – The Survival Blueprint Review

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What is America 2020?

America 2020 is a 107-page ‘survival blueprint’ that was created by Porter Stansberry. This book can help in preparing you and everyone in your family for the upcoming financial crisis that is soon going to make Americans insane again just like the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

Porter has stated that you can easily be prepared for this unavoidable financial crisis since America 2020 has a number of ideas and plans that will help you survive the situation. Some of these necessary steps include the following:

  • It is not legally mandatory to report all the assets you own to the government.
  • The #1 plan of action to avoid any unexpected situation and get out of it during the next crisis.
  • The best way to get out of the U.S. legally without even having to report it to the US government.
  • A profound strategy to come out of any situation unhurt that was used by the locals of New Orleans after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.
  • The best method to get real silver for under $3.
  • Keeping aside the most valuable asset of your family to protect you in times of crisis.
  • The 3 safest currencies of the world.
  • Porter Stansberry’s prized gold storage place in America.
  • Best places to go for during any crisis.
  • The best and most elementary method to systematize all your financial papers.
  • Gives you the simplest way to open an account online in a foreign bank.

Once you carefully think about the entire presentation of America 2020, there will be a lot of questions that will pop up in your mind, such as whether it is worth the time and money you will invest in it or if it will really help you. To answer these questions, this review on Porter Stansberry’s America 2020 will help you a lot 

An insight into America 2020

  • What are the assets that are not necessary to report to the government and can be skipped?

America 2020 informs you about the assets that are not compulsory to be shown to the government. It also provides a lot more information about the financial crisis. After going through the complete book, we came to the conclusion:

  1. Start with opening a foreign bank account that does not have more than $10,000 in it
  2. Purchase some foreign lands as an asset
  3. Develop and create an offshore trust
  4. Start storing some gold offshore

Once received, this information is very simple to understand. But when it comes to actually implementing the whole steps, the best suggestion is hiring a professional who is a shark in financial services.

  • What is the best way to move all or some of your money and assets outside the US?

A lot of other websites online offer similar content like Porter Stansberry’s America 2020 but what they offer is not same to this at all. It seems like they are trying to frighten you instead of informing you about what you should be doing when there is a crisis. America 2020 makes it simple and easy to understand without making it complicated to decipher.

However, moving money outside the US is not that simple and many factors, such as how much money are you moving, in which country you prefer to do that, and much more are vital to consider. According to a recent study by Forbes 2013, it was stated that “if you are planning to move some money outside the US, you should have at least 5 years of tax compliance in the US and your firm’s turnover should be more than $2 million. If not, you have to pay an average of $155,000 each year as income tax for 5 consecutive years.” As a result, we think that it is best to hire a financial advisor who can walk you through all the details with a simple approach. 

The man behind America 2020 – Porter Stansberry

Porter Stansberry is the creator and developer of Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. It is a subscription-based publisher of financial data and software, which helps millions of investors all across the globe. Porter Stansberry is popular for making tons of money by selling financial data and inside news about the financial market with the aid of subscription to the newsletters.

How to know whether or not America 2020 will be useful for you?

You may find some information about America 2020 online that is negative but don’t get carried away with it. This is one of the best newsletters that will not offer any useless information for you. Along with America 2020, many established companies have been predicting this financial fall for a couple of years now, but very few have provided all the information of how you should handle things when it happens. This is not a false program that will use you as bait for making money. It will provide everything you should know about how to manage your money and assets in a proper way when the financial doomsday will finally arrive. 

The Pricing and Refund Policy of America 2020

The cost of America 2020 is $41.95 only that covers the S&H charges. At this price, they offer the electronic copy through your preferred mail as well as the hard copy that will be sent to you in a short period. Along with these, there are 3 more bonus features that report:

1. How you will be able to make 500% more in a legal way in the United States.

2. A complete Gold Investor’s Manual

3. The 100% Secret

Moreover, they also offer a monthly research report along with a 30-day trial subscription. Make sure that in case you want to cancel your subscription, do it before your trial period of 30 days is over because, after that, you will be charged $99 for a complete 1 year subscription. As per the promotional video that comes with America 2020, it says that there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the information provided. However, it is highly unlikely to happen since there is hardly any person who has not got benefitted from this book.

How useful will America 2020 be in critical times?

America 2020 is not just some promotional tool that will convince you to subscribe but will not offer any useful information that you need. Despite the fact that few people may not have liked it, there are numerous people who think that it is a great way of spreading awareness about how to manage your assets when the time comes. With the subscription, you can also be a part of the company’s email list, and the newsletters that will be sent to you will help you a lot in this regard.


  • Stops you from making any kind of bad investments.
  • Helps finds legal ways to store money outside the US.
  • Informs you about the best business sectors to be in.
  • Informs you about the safest currencies that you have.
  • Gives you tips on how to organize all the paperwork and documents.
  • Informs you about the place where people should live in times of a financial crisis.
  • Great customer service that can help you 24/7 answering all your queries.


  • There is no negative side of the book. But if the users don’t follow the guidelines provided by the book, they will surely be not benefitted. Thus it will not be much effective.

Final verdict

According to many readers, they have found valuable information in the manuals offered that can never be found online. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money on a professional financial advisor, opt for America 2020 and see how it changes your life in the simplest manner. It’s not like you should not consult someone regarding finance before making any decision, but if you want to, this book will help you a great deal.

It comes with a risk-free offer at a very reasonable price because after a 30-day trial; you can always return the book if you are not happy. Moreover, the best part is that if you like the book, the 30-day trial will automatically become one year’s subscription without doing it manually. Just call the customer service for any issues, and they will immediately handle it. This book is a great purchase for people looking for knowledge in finance and many investment ideas. Go through the details diligently, and all your questions will be answered by the book itself. If you are not looking to get the subscription facility, make sure you cancel it before the 30-day trial. But considering what we have seen from our experience and research, America 2020 is definitely a great purchase.    

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