Agile Health Insurance Review

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agile health insurance review

If you need a secured insurance plan to ensure your family’s safety, read the following review carefully. Getting insurance is a difficult task, and there are countless insurance agencies offering various packages. But not all of them are safe, secured, and authorized. Agile Health Insurance is such a health insurance company that aims to offer the best health insurance policies which are affordable, flexible and offer a complete guarantee. Health insurance is really important for you to have a stress free life for a long period of time without worrying. Agile Health Insurance offers different insurance coverage plans that are actually much better than the government marketplace plans in terms of out of pocket payments and deductibles. But why is Agile Health Insurance the best option when it comes to Term Insurance?

Agile Health Insurance – The Rundown:

Functioning as a gap insurance provider or short term health insurance company, Agile Health Insurance is focused on providing moderate protection health insurance plans at the lowest costs in the industry. Agile Health Insurance is actually an independently managed division of the Nasdaq-listed Health Insurance Innovations, Inc., based in Florida. The health care plans of the company are suitable for men and women between the ages of 50-65.

How does Agile Health Insurance work?

A lot of people aged 50-65 find it really difficult to have a proper healthcare facility; they only get offers from providers bent on selling them expensive plans. However, Agile Health Insurance focuses on the needs of the clients and offers the most affordable and flexible short-term health insurance. This is why Agile Health Insurance is so popular. The insurance provider promises to half your health insurance premiums too, and this is what helps you save for your future. The official website claims that you can “save more than $204 every month.”

Here are the factors that Agile Health Insurance focuses on:

  • Agile Health Insurance works as one of the best alternatives to Obamacare: The company offers the best short term health insurance plans that you will find, are much cheaper than the government’s plan Obamacare. Apart from that, it comes with various other health insurance packages and coverage options to choose from; and they cost you just about half of what you pay for Obamacare.
  • The company also offers access to a wide range of healthcare providers: This includes: dental discounts, customization options starting from the first month up to the 11 months, etc. No longer will you have to worry about looking to different health care providers in case of necessity. 
  • Best rates: When it comes to short-term health insurance, Agile Health Insurance offers the best rates available in the market. The health insurance plans offered by this company are rated ‘A+’ by A.M. Best Company, which is the leading provider of ratings for the health insurance industry globally. This is why you can be assured that you with them, you are getting the best rates.
  • Flexible Protection: This is another important feature of Agile Health Insurance. In the many uncertain circumstances of life, it’s always safer to be prepared. Very few of the health insurance companies offer flexible health insurance options like Agile Health Insurance does. You can get short term health insurances ranging from 1 month to 365 days. You could also opt for the plan that best fits your budget or necessity; there is absolutely no pressure from the company to take the particular plan.
  • Fast Approval: Yes, this matters the most. When you start hunting for a health insurance plan, even after picking one, the insurance providers may take an additional time of 1-2 days or more, just for the approval of the plan, and that can be a problem in cases of emergency. Agile Health Insurance offers approval of plans within only 15 minutes! And you start getting the benefits from the very moment of Approval. You can get separate dental insurance along with your package of health insurance.
  • Step by Step Guidance: Buying health insurance can become really confusing. There are always some hidden terms and conditions within the various insurance plans. However Agile Health Insurance has served countless customers right from 2014, and their company continues to thrive in 2015 and 2016, just because of the sheer number of satisfied clients. Every happy customer says that the fact that there are no hidden clauses and regulations is what makes Agile Health Insurance unique from other insurance companies they had used. With Agile Health Insurance, have the option buying any health insurance plan online; and the customer care executives will be always at your service to walk you through anything before you make a purchase, and this especially helps novice insurance buyers a lot.

Agile Health Insurance

What is covered in Agile Health Insurance?

Now that we have a clear idea about how Agile Health Insurance works and what the features of their short term options are, let us have a look at what Agile Health covers. The coverage plans offered by the company varies according to the needs of the individuals and the plans. Before you sign up to any plan, the company will explain to you exactly what you will be getting from that plan. Agile Health Insurance covers all the usual things that any major health insurance packages provide, such as:

  • Hospitalizations
  • Lab tests
  • Doctor Visits
  • Emergency care
  • X-Rays

Who Should Get Agile Health Insurance?

Since Agile Health Insurance focuses on the short term insurance packages, it may not suitable for everyone. It is generally suitable for individuals who are 50 years and above. Persons of at least a minimum age of 40 years will find the short term insurance policies very much suitable. Apart from that, the following are the categories of people who can opt for Agile Health Insurance short term policies:

  • People who are aged above 65 years, and still are in good health conditions can take up these short term insurance plans in case of necessities. The prime reason is that since they’re in good health condition and have now crossed the age bar of 60, Medicare doesn’t cover them.
  • Those who are in need of health insurance just for only a brief period of time. For instance, the requirement of health insurance while switching jobs.
  • Agile Health Insurance is not limited to a specific age limit. Young adults can also opt for the short term health insurances in case they are not insured by their parents.
  • Also, foreign students at American colleges and schools can also opt for such short term health insurances.
  • Individuals who require health insurance and do not fall into the Affordable Care Act enrollment period, but who do not qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, can get the term insurances from Agile Health Insurance.
  • Likewise, retirees, who are also in good health but cannot enroll in Medicare, can opt for the Agile Health Insurance short term insurances.

agile health insurance account

Final Verdict:

Agile Health Insurance is one of the best short term health insurance companies that offer safe and secure health insurances for the citizens of America. If you are looking for a trusted health insurance company for short-term insurance with a lot of flexibility, then this is definitely the right choice for you.

It offers health insurance premiums for individuals of all ages, and for varying periods of terms. If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional health insurance plans, then Agile Health Insurance is your best bet.

agile health insurance account

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