45 Minute Paydays Review

45 Minute Paydays

Today, you are going to learn about another program trending online with lots of hype; 45 Minute Paydays. If you are searching for the real truth about this program, I’m going to put it plainly so you can know whether it’s a legit or scam product.

Eye opener questions

Just to get you started with this review, I’d like to open your eyes with an opener question. Do you really think earning $1,000 per month is so easy, supposedly it’s guaranteed that you work 45 minutes a day only? Actually to some extent, it’s possible, but to a greater extent, it’s just unrealistic. But for all fantasists out there, and I’m pretty sure there are many of them, it’s pretty easier.

I’m sorry but that’s just the reality! To earn that kind of money in a month requires a lot of hard work every day for more than the said 45 minutes. It does not happen overnight. But just in case you are still convinced that it’s as easy as claimed by Raena Lynn, the mind behind 45 Minutes Paydays, think about all the poor families out there. Is it because they can’t work for those 45 minutes a day to bag in the $1,000 a month? I really don’t think so!

Even if possible, wouldn’t they be the first ones to flood into a program that costs them a onetime fee of only $49? Enough with my eye opener questions! Let me make it crystal clear to you right away. 45 Minutes Payday program is nothing but SCAM!

What is 45 Minutes Paydays?

The truth be told here, the name given to the system isn’t even the actual name of the program being marketed. Just have a look at the below images:

Now, can you figure out the differences between the first image and the second one? Of course, a toddler would see the difference in colors and the name, otherwise everything is just the same. The truth of the matter is that 45 Minutes Paydays is just My Top Tier Business System (MTTB), the same scam presented to innocent entrepreneurs by Matt Lloyd of My Online Business Education (MOBE).

45 Minutes Paydays is the bait hanging on the pole that will reel you into giving in thousands of dollars on series of expensive and poor quality products sold by Matt Lloyd. If you haven’t heard the name of this guy and his company, then you should do that since his is trending online with so many other similar products with similar agendas as 45 Minutes Paydays.

Everything about 45 Minutes Paydays is a scam even though its technical name is MTTB. I will spill everything about in this review.

Why was it named 45 Minute Paydays rather than MTTB?

I’m pretty sure you might be wandering as to why, and so are many other people out there trying to find out the truth about this program. But it’s pretty easy to attach an explanation to that.

When you decide to sign up and make purchase of the different offers from MOBE, you will also purchase a license known as MOBE Licensing Rights (MLR). The ‘license’ gives you the right to sell those products from MOBE as your own products. In short, you will be recruiting other people into the program, just like you were introduced by someone else, and then earn a commission from that.

That’s just how you will be making your money, nothing else! So, if you can do the recruiting for just 45 minutes a day as they claim, your monthly income could shoot to $1,000.


Is it Possible to Recruit New People?

But I will also tell you that recruiting people, which they call driving traffic, isn’t as easy as you might have anticipated. If you’ve ran a website before that didn’t do so well due to lack of traffic, you will understand what I mean.

That simply mean that, you will spend thousands of dollars on something without any guaranteed returns. And as soon as you realize you shall have spent a total of $29,500 by the end of 10th step of the program.

What Exactly is Being Sold?

When you sign up and purchase the license to resell the program to other people, that’s your product! Those people that will buy the program through you will also find others, may be using a different name and sell it to them as well. Now everyone will be doing exactly the same thing as you did and the cycle continues on and on.

After making the purchase, their product is a 21 steps program. At step 6, you will receive their first upsell. If you continue with the steps till step 10, they shall have managed to milk $29,210 as total. This is way a lot of money that the first story your hear of $49 with no hidden charges at the beginning.

Does it Matter so Long as I Earn?

But what do I have to care if it gives me income? Probably you are asking that question. Well, like I said before, finding people to sell to (generating traffic) isn’t an easy thing. And it will suck so badly when there won’t be any more people to sell it to. MOBE is already trending online today and so many people are finding out their trickery just like you already did. So people are becoming more cautious into the types of things they buy. Once they find out it’s a scam, the news spread like bushfire and you are doomed.

Now, instead of selling someone else’s products which are not legit in the first place, you need to learn how to come up with your own business and sell your own legit products.

Is it not Advertised on TV?

Truly speaking, every other scam website popping up always come with such hype. Even though 45 Minute Paydays claim that they have been advertised on major TV channels such as NBC, ABC, FOX News and CNN, that doesn’t mean that they are legit. We see this all the time with several other scam sites.

And if you are in doubt of this, simply look at the adverts, if they do exist. You won’t find any association with MOBE. But let’s say you come across an article, the only possibility is that that article must have been written by an affiliate of MOBE. And the article will never claim that the program is a success but even if it does it will use any story or testimonials from unreliable sources just to prove their point.

What About The Testimonials on The Video?

If you are a keen observer, you must have noticed that the 45 Minute Paydays testimonial videos are edited and cut out partially. That is simply because the videos came from other members of MOBE.

Since 45 Minutes Paydays can’t generate their own testimonial videos, they use the videos from MOBE and edit the parts where MOBE has been mentioned. This is very shady because if indeed the products being sold belong to 45 Minute Paydays, then why shouldn’t they come up with their own testimonial videos. Please get me clear here, I’m not advocating for MOBE as being legit since I already mentioned that MOBE is the giant scam behind all this.

Is Google Aware of This Scam?

Apart from the testimonials, almost all websites of MOBE and 45 Minutes Paydays look identical. This is perhaps one big reason why it is so easy to identify all the scam that MOBE is behind, as well as the reason why a larger percentage of MOBE affiliates fail.

Google does not like the idea of identical websites either and that’s why they usually rank some of those sites to the bottom of their search engine page rankings. This is the problem with all “Done For You” programs and a good reason why you should create your own distinct work. If you simply copy work from other people, Google search engines are highly intelligent, they will find out and penalize your work thoroughly.

Raena Lynn’s story: Is it True?

If you happen to watch the 45 Minutes Payday video, Lynn narrates an enthralling story of how she used to be broke, earning so little at McDonalds before starting her own thing. Luckily, as she claims, after finding this ‘fascinating’ system, she is now able to live the life of financial freedom she ever wanted.

Even though a part of her story could be true, a good part of it is not. For you to earn a good commission through the MOBE program, you MUST purchase the high ticket membership or products yourself. I cannot comprehend how it would have been possible for her to make the purchase when she claims that she couldn’t afford groceries to an extent that her daughter brought her some.

When you enroll into this program, you will be told to first purchase the MLR at a price of $2,497. That is her 3 month salary while still working at McDonalds before joining MOBE. How on earth was she able to make such a purchase when she couldn’t afford her groceries?

45 minute paydays reviews

Final Thoughts:

Are you willing to commit to a system from someone who can’t even narrate a real life story to convince you? You are told that it’s a onetime investment of just $49 and earn up to $5,000 commission with no extra or hidden charges. These are lies and nothing part crystal clear lies.

By now, if you were thinking about signing up for their program, I bet you’ll think twice before doing that. Only 1% of the MOBE members make an earning. Do you think if you sign up today you will part of that negligible percentage?


Instead, I would recommend something much better than MOBE’s 45 Minutes Paydays and their lot. Digital Altitude offers a detailed and thorough internet marketing training to help you establish your own online business and start making legit cash. Its programs have a bearing and you will know exactly what you are treading with at the very beginning.

45 minute paydays reviews scam

45 Minute Paydays Review

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