4 Corners Alliance Group Review


It is likely that you have heard about the buzz around the Four Corners Alliance Group, and there is a high possibility that someone has already recommended this program to you. It does sound quite interesting for sure, but we always need to first check whether it is actually legit and a sustainable money making option. This is because many similar schemes turn out to be a big sham in the end, and people end up losing a lot of money in the process. So if you are being cautious about this entire set up, you are very well justified. Hence, let’s take a look at what this scheme from Four Corners Alliance Group has to offer.

Background information    

The 4 Corners Alliance Group is part of a larger company known as the Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC, which by the way is a registered company. Four Corners Alliance Group is based in Las Vegas and was launched by David Harrison in 2013. Talking about the structure of this group, it is a network marketing company, and is similar to other MLM or Multilevel Marketing companies.

How do things work?

So the way things work with this program is that you would need to spend $18 on what you can call an entrance fee, post which you can sell the company’s products to other people and earn commissions from that. In terms of products, the Four Corners Alliance Group offers two core products – a set of education modules on financial topics and a monthly newsletter. So anyone who is an affiliate can either sell the product directly to potential customers, or they can direct them to the company’s online store. By the way, the products listed on the online portal have marked up prices, so all additional income from the sale would go to the affiliate, which is good. However, the issue is that it is not very easy to convince people to sell a monthly newsletter and an educational set which offers financial advice that is quite basic in nature.

The financial education set

The full set contains a total of 16+ books, and these books cover a number of topics ranging from smart investment to forex trading. However, as highlighted above, these primers are more suitable for beginners, given that the information provided is very starter level. This course has a number of levels ranging from 1 to 6, but the issue is that you would need to cough up additional money in order to upgrade to higher levels. Not many might be in favor of this, because the knowledge imparted by these books isn’t very different from the information you would find online on financial websites. By the way, these books are available in downloadable format, which might help you in your sales pitch to those who are new to these financial tools.


They haven’t developed the products

It has been noted that the Four Corners Alliance Group has not developed the products they are selling. The reality is that they are selling PLR or Private Labeled Rights products. If we are to explain this in a simple sentence, the Four Corners Alliance Group bought the rights to these PLR books. The next step was to add their logo to the covers in order to make investors believe that the books were written by Four Corners Alliance Group.

Not everyone would earn the big bucks

Yes, it is possible to earn money through the Four Corners Alliance Group program. However, it is also true that not many would end up earning those huge sums of money as advertised by this scheme. They say members can earn anywhere up to $500,000 a month, but all of us would agree that it sounds too good to be true. The reality is that most of the people would not be anywhere close to the huge sum above, and would end up losing money instead. It is only a few who would be in the high earning bracket.

Sponsor before you get paid

Do make note that you wouldn’t get paid by the Four Corners Alliance Group before you sponsor or refer at least 4 people. This means you should have a robust list of potential affiliates to reach out to. In case you think that you wouldn’t be able to achieve that number, it doesn’t make sense for you to join such a program.

Little chance of finding customers

The products offered by Four Corners Alliance Group are indeed overpriced. In fact, similar e-books can be found online at much lower costs. So it is likely that you will come across very few customers for these products. Hence, you will end up buying these products yourself in order to be eligible for the commissions. Post that, it would all be about recruiting new people in order to generate income.


Not for those without marketing experience

Though it is claimed that anyone can earn well by getting affiliated to the Four Corners Alliance Group program, the truth is that you need to have some prior marketing experience. This would make networking and the process of earning money easier, though we can’t guarantee huge earnings from this program.

There are many similar options out there, but in case you ask us, we would recommend 4 Percent Group. What works in favor of this program is that it comes with a structured set of products to choose from. In terms of background information, the person behind 4 Percent Group is Vick Strizheus, a seasoned internet marketing guru.4 Percent Group sells products and services related to multiple domains like social media marketing, generating traffic and running online businesses among others. Affiliates connected with this program are expected to sell different training courses on internet marketing strategies. There are a number of affiliate levels available, thus offering a variety of choice for those interested in trying out the program. So far it has proven to be a good new business opportunity for those looking to explore new avenues to earn good money. So you might want to try out the program offered by 4 Percent Group too, and see some great results for yourself!


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