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1Up ListBuilder is a new list building program that launched recently on the web to help you build your list and get paid for it. This review is going to break it down for you, so you can understand whether it’s genuine or a scam way to milk money from you. Without further ado, let’s get started with the review!

What is 1UpListBuilder?

1UpListBuilder is a website that provides you with a list of phone numbers that can help you generate more leads to your website. You are issued with a cellular phone number database with a size of 15,000 to use for a Ringless Voicemail Drops. This is a database that includes the name, cell phone number and email address of the persons present on the list.  You can choose to do anything with the list, of course, something legal, including selling it. The good part of it is that everyone is given a unique list, that is, every phone number, email address and names on the list are unique.

These lists are built to be used with the Ringless Voicemail Drops. Now, what does this Ringless Voicemail thing mean? Well, they are phone numbers in which the phone won’t ring when a message is received.  Your sent messages go directly to the voicemail of the recipient’s phone. This presents an excellent way of lead generation, without bugging your recipients.

All you have to do is record the messages and send them to the service with the list of numbers. 1UpListBuilder Ringless service will dial out those numbers on the list on your behalf. You simply submit your payment for the calling service provided and leave the messages you want to be sent.

How does it work?

1UpListBuilder gives you a simpler and easier way of building your phone number lists. What matters most is generating a bountiful number of high-quality consumer leads with interest in what you are offering. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a total waste of your time and money. 1UpListBuilder helps you build a high-quality list in a short period of time and earn from your efforts. They achieve this through their autopilot software that generates good lists much faster. It simply makes the process more simplified, something that even the most experienced marketers haven’t been able to achieve successfully.

A lucrative way to build your list

Apart from just being given an opportunity to build your list, 1UpListBuilder also presents its users with excellent opportunities to earn commission. Through their proprietary software and the amazing 1Up commission structures, you get the chance to instantly earn a commission of $10 to infinity.

What are the payment plans?

1UpListBuilder uses the 1-Up compensation plan. The total cost you will be required to make is $15. $5 is sent to the admin and the remaining $10 sent to an assigned member. The process takes place automatically, so you don’t have to confirm the payments. Once you’ve completed the payment process, you will also start earning the $10 commission from the other members you add to your list. When you make referrals, your commissions keep on multiplying to infinity.

What makes 1UpListBuilder more interesting when it comes to issuing commissions is that payments are made on a daily basis. That is, you earn commissions from your referrals instantly on any day.

What can 1UpListBuilder be used for?

With their Ringless Voicemail service, the number of things you can do with 1UpListBuilder is virtually endless. Since this service delivers your messages to the voicemail with no interruptions for recipients, you can use it for generating consumer leads and commercial lead generation. If you are running a medical service provision to clients, you can use it to send medical reminders to your patients or making public service announcements. Banks and insurance service providers can also use it to deliver messages to their clients regarding new plans and upcoming premium payments. Other ways through which 1UpListBuilder can be used include sending birthday and anniversary notifications, fund raising alerts, church notifications, meeting and event alerts, etc.

What makes 1UpListBuilder particularly amazing is that it does not provide any sort of annoyance to the recipients. For instance, there are no calling charges or fees charged on recipients. This is an essential part of generating leads as it gives up to 96 percent listen rate from recipients with a response of up to 80 percent.  That simply means that, out of all the messages you send through 1UpListBuilder, 96 percent of the recipients will consider it when seeking for services similar to yours, and 80 percent of those who received them will respond appropriately.


1UpListBuilder comes with a lot of benefits, here are a couple of important ones:

  • Get access to 15,000 lead generation list at only $15.
  • Provided lists are unique with names, email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Expedited process of list building and earn money.
  • Gives you an opportunity to earn a $10 commission on every referral.
  • Payment of commissions is done daily.
  • Messages are sent to the voicemail of recipient, hence no interruptions and charges incurred by recipient.
  • Guarantees a listen rate of 96 percent and a response rate of 80 percent.
  • 1UpListBuilder can be used to send notification messages for a wide range of services, including birthday and anniversary notifications, medical reminders and alerts, etc.


  • The only major con with 1UpListBuilder is that it provides a limited options of payment for its users. Currently, PayPal and Payza are supported. Credit and debit card support is also offered but not immediately visible.

Final verdict

From our point of view, 1UpListBuilder offers a lucrative way for you to build high quality lists and earn money from it. The $10 commission on every referral sounds great, considering that you only have to pay $15 for it. Additionally, your $15 payment gives you access to a unique list of 15,000 phone numbers with names and email addresses to boost your consumer lead generation campaigns. It’s certainly an amazing way to earn income and build your lists, which you can as well sell to other marketers and earn more money.

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