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By now, you’ve probably ran through handful of sites claiming to present you with a perfect opportunity to earn lots of cash online. And the latest to come across is 17 Minutes Only. Now, what’s up with this site? Is it a scam like the others I have come across? Does it really deliver what is promised? These and many other questions are going to be answered today in this review.

Watch out the trap!

Most people on hearing about this site first were very eager to watch the 17 minutes video that they provide. And so many people do! But thank goodness that you first wanted to know what the site is really all about from a different source before watching their presentation. So here it is. Find out for yourself about 17 Minutes Only and then decide later if you really should watch their presentation in the first place.

What is 17 Minutes Only?

Lately, there’s been so many sites coming up with lots of promises into a good future in online entrepreneurship and 17 Minutes Only is no different.  This is a reseller recruitment scheme that promotes My Online Business Education (MOBE), which I guess you are not new to.

17 Minutes Only hasn’t been around for so long as its domain name was just registered on July 27th, 2016 under the name Matt Lloyd, the owner and the guy behind all these recruitment schemes trending online. This program is just the same item but in a different package to market MTTB, which is simply a product that has 21 steps that have been designed to attract and recruit entrepreneurs into MOBE.

In short, 17 Minutes Only is not the program actually, but it’s simply a sales funnel in which after purchasing, will lead you into the program, MOBE. Once you’ve watched their 17 minutes video presentation, you’ll be requested to provide some details about yourself, including name, phone number and an email address.

This is just the first step towards milking cash from your pocket, if you will be willing to oblige, which I guess isn’t so much difficult to do once they’ve convinced you.

A deeper look into the program

As said before 17 Minutes Only is going to guide you into MOBE, which claims to be a business and marketing program with so many similar products performing the same thing: recruiting affiliates who will also do the same thing, recruiting even more affiliates.

Once you get started with the 21 steps of MOBE, they will lead you to another program called My Top Tier Business (MTTB), which is nothing but the same thing as MOBE. Once you are the MTTB level, they tease you with a free trial for 7 days after which you will be required to ditch out $49 a month.  As you can see, the amount is just so little that anyone wouldn’t mind paying since they are expecting a greater return at the end.

MOBE Licensing Rights

If you’ve visited their site, they claim that you can make up to $200,000 a month, which in the first place I don’t see how on earth someone would sell you such a profitable thing at only $49!

MOBE plays its game so wittily to lead you to the ultimate goal of their programs which is promoting and recruiting more people. But first, you are introduced into a 21 step video where you are given a coach to lead you through the steps. Before proceeding into the next step, the so called ‘coach’ has to unlock it. Bear in mind that there’s absolutely nothing useful being taught here, even though they claim to offer you internet marketing training. Their main goal is to get you to the point where you start recruiting for them.

At the 6th step of the program is where you are introduced to their catch, the recruitment thing: MOBE Licensing Rights (MLR). Through their MLR, you may earn commission by recruiting more people into the program. And there are levels of membership. So, in order to proceed further and earn more money, you must purchase the license.


What is the product being sold?

By now you should be asking yourself that question. Actually there’s no product being purchased here. What you are paying for is membership or let’s say a ticket so you can recruit more people into the program, who will also do exactly the same thing you will be doing.

This is what is now being referred to as the program’s ‘product’. Nothing more, nothing less! And if you want to earn more commission, you’ll have to purchase the highly priced tickets.

How much you have to pay

At first, the ‘license’ will cost you $1,997. Now this is a whole lot of cash to lose into something without any promising return or direction. But that’s not the end of it, it’s just the first batch of match that you are yet to give for the juicier commissions. At step 6 of their program, you have to decide whether you want a costly ticket but with ‘juicier’ commission or a less one.  Now, if you choose not to purchase their ticket at $1,997, you will only be an affiliate and earn $20 commission for your sales.

It’s an MLM scam

In short, this program is simply a high level MLM (Multi-level Marketing) scam. For you to earn more money, you will have to purchase a more costly product and the amount earned increases with your purchases. You have to purchase the product yourself in order to earn from it.

What they are offering is just a tip of the iceberg. There are much higher commission products that will cost you up to $60,000, just to do the same thing. What you are supposed to do in essence is generating leads.

The reality

As you’ve seen from their site, they claim that generating the leads (recruiting people) is so easy. But they are not just telling you the real truth behind leads generation. Finding people to buy a product is actually the hardest part of doing business and that’s why they want you to do it for them.

What driving traffic really entails

Driving enormous traffic requires a lot of investment, both time and money. You can actually generate lots of traffic by dong two things. First, you can decide to spend a lot of money to learn and train from an expert on how to generate the traffic. After this, you will implement some methods that are truly tested and proven to work.

Now, if you happen to get it wrong, it can lead to a lot of money going to waste and you ending broke. The second option is learning how to generate traffic on your own which is time consuming but if done right can bring in good returns. This option can be good because you don’t have to lose a lot through scams such as those provided by MOBE.

The only problem would be that it will take you plenty of time to get it right. If time is what you don’t have, which is the case with most people, you can decide to find a good expert who can train you on that. There aren’t so many people willing to spend a fortune on a product they aren’t familiar with, which in the case of MOBE, does not have a true bearing apart from milking cash from innocent civilians.

Is there any chance with MOBE systems?

Certainly not a chance! The company ran by Matt Lloyd who does the same thing over and over, presenting the same product in a different name, after which people learn about it, he pops up with a different name but the same thing. You’ve heard of Patriot Funnel System, Money Academy and a lot more. They are running under the same umbrella. A program like Money Academy even went ahead to pay actors to play fake testimonials just to catch the attention of people.

17 Minutes Only and any other product under MOBE’s umbrella or with a similar agenda as MOBE doesn’t have anything to offer average entrepreneurs to earn cash online. If you are really into earning cash online, there are other better ways to do so and I will reveal one good program to you at the end of this review.


The future of MOBE

17 Minutes Only is simply a scam that is into earning cash from innocent entrepreneurs with no idea of how to make cash online. The main agenda of the 21 step program is to get you to the part where you purchase their expensive ‘products’ just to be given an opportunity to bring in more people to purchase those ‘products’ as well.

If at all, there’s any income earned, only 1% of the affiliates earn more money than the cost of their first affiliate membership program. And one thing to note is that since 2014, MOBE has been recording a decreasing level of popularity according to Google Trends.

Final thoughts

17 Minutes Only is nothing but a scam to milk cash from innocent entrepreneurs like you. Instead of selling someone else’ products, why not learn how to make and sell your own online? If you are really looking for an opportunity to make legit cash and expand your online entrepreneurship, there’s only one program I’d recommend for you; Digital Altitude. They have a direction and you will know exactly what to expect at the end of it. you are subjected to internet training methods that have been proven to be effective hence worth an investment to consider.

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